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An All New Scratch and Fading Resistant Ceramic Insert

Tommy Tal |

Our VIP AV8R and VIP SEA will come with a beautiful, flat ceramic insert. They look great in pictures, but holding they look amazing in person!

These pieces are stunning, oozing with quality and luxury. No wonder Rolex is using ceramic in their modern bezels.

It was quite pricey upgrade for us but just too good to pass. Not only are they super strong, ceramic inserts really improve the overall look of a timepiece.

The insert has a 1350 Vickers hardness, which makes it scratch resistant and forms, together with the sapphire glass, an all scratch resistant front. These watches can take a hit!

Unlike colored metal bezels, the ceramic color won’t fade.

The VIP SEA and VIP AV8R are now available for purchase here:


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