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Covid-19 almost killed our business.
Many of the launches and partnerships we had planned were forced to end. We suffered from supply chain issues and from those promises we had to break with you - our friends and family.
Moving forward there will be BIG changes.
S-Force will never be the same.


Just like the hero who emerges triumphant through trial and tribulation, your watch will stand as testament to your strength and endurance.

Instead of stocking certain models, we will now be custom making every watch. This will take around 3 months of hard work by man and machine to forge your individual piece.

Every S-Force piece is built for its hero. Customised for you.
You will get your choice of quote or words on the back of the watch, as a symbol of YOUR STRENGTH.

Don’t buy one unless it has meaning for you. S-Force is a reminder that strength will overcome limitations every time.
Strength is needed in a time like right now.

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Near Death Experiences and Loyalty Lessons. Marc Lobliner's Lesson in Business.

Posted on 03/03/2017


When you think of what makes a great man (and let along a great story) there are a few things to come to mind:

  1. The Hero
  2. The trials that hero faces
  3. The rewards of his bravery

This story is a little different. We have our Anti-Hero who shows us the light from the darkest of places one can go. From his near death experience at the hands of his own mother, gang violence and a plethora of fights he knows a thing or two about the dark side of life and, by this, he was able to ascend to the light.

Marc Lobliner gives us mere mortals a checklist of success to get our head on straight and be the hero of our own life:

The harder I work, the luckier I get

Your actions always dictate your future and if you think you can get by on luck without work, you’ve already messed up. You do the work first, the luck will follow. The harder I work, the luckier I get and the luckier I get, the better I get.

Don’t start a business if you want a 9-5 job

A business needs the attention of a new born baby when it starts and, as it grows, it becomes a part of you. A living, breathing, function extension of you and your life. If you can’t/won’t work more than full time hours, you won’t make a business work. I know there is a lot of literature out there saying you can and good for them, but I have my doubts.

Ethics should always be what drives your business

Loyalty is rare and it’s desperately needing to make a comeback to this world. Loyalty in business is exceptionally important. My customers are everything and I have their back until I hang up the gloves. If someone isn’t satisfied, I make it right. If someone is disappointed, I make it right. If something goes wrong, I MAKE IT RIGHT!

Never lose focus of what matters; YOUR CUSTOMERS!

This should be common sense, but I think it’s painfully obvious that common sense is rare now days as well. Your customers are everything. They’re the reason you can do what you can do. Granted, not EVERY customer will be right but you can believe the majority of them are. Don’t neglect them because the #1 killer of good business is BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE!   

Nobody can represent your company like you can

As I said previously, this company is an extension of you. Your mind, body and soul. I understand the value in a team around you to make your dream a reality, but you got to be on that front line. Leaders never lead from the back, that’s what a boss does. That’s why they lose their best employee and that boss is now competing with that employee. Take pride in your dream and stand firmly in the front.

Become an expert in all areas of your field

If you think you have it all figured out in your area of expertise, you’ve just ruined yourself. You can never learn enough. Read, talk, research and take in everything you can regarding your field. With competition at the height that it is now, you can’t afford not to.

At the end of the day, you have to do what makes you happy. But it’s not only about doing what makes you happy, it’s about making a difference. Some people are fine coasting through life with a 9-5 and that’s awesome. But if you want more out of life, you have to be willing to give more to get it.



Marc Lobliner


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