Built not bought. Our pieces are custom made for you. Allow 90 business days to ship. Learn more.

Unlike any other watch brand, your watch will be built for you. Using the highest quality standards possible our expert craftsmen will create your watch from scratch. Complete with your chosen words of meaning on the back, this process will take 90 business days from start to finish.

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Covid-19 almost killed our business.
Many of the launches and partnerships we had planned were forced to end. We suffered from supply chain issues and from those promises we had to break with you - our friends and family.
Moving forward there will be BIG changes.
S-Force will never be the same.


Just like the hero who emerges triumphant through trial and tribulation, your watch will stand as testament to your strength and endurance.

Instead of stocking certain models, we will now be custom making every watch. This will take around 3 months of hard work by man and machine to forge your individual piece.

Every S-Force piece is built for its hero. Customised for you.
You will get your choice of quote or words on the back of the watch, as a symbol of YOUR STRENGTH.

Don’t buy one unless it has meaning for you. S-Force is a reminder that strength will overcome limitations every time.
Strength is needed in a time like right now.

I understand

A True Survivor. The Story of Veronica Soto

Posted on 02/02/2017

"Do what you have to do and move on"

There are few moments in a persons life where they're truly tested. More often than not, I believe we fail these tests simply because we're not prepared for them. But that's how life is, right? Often are we hit out of nowhere with news, events or people who turn our lives upside down.

For a woman like Veronica Soto, life itself was a test. From growing up in Venezuela, making her own way at a young age and her father dying young, she was always put to the test and, in her own way, always passed with flying colors. But her one defining moment came in her Dr.'s office when she realized she had breast cancer.

Today, she's alive, well and cancer free for many years. Her wisdom on this journey is invaluable and she's here to share it with us, in her own words

Don't let anything stop you

It doesn't matter what you have going on in your life, don't ever let it stop you from living or doing what you love. To stop is to give up and we cannot give up on what makes us happy. Truly happy, not just temporarily happy. 

Fear is the worst

I feel there's a big difference between being afraid and fearful. It's okay to be afraid, it comes with the territory of doing something big or beyond your normal. It's not okay to be fearful because there's nothing to be fearful of. You're strong, you're capable and you can make anything happen. Don't let fear stop you.

Work hard, all the time

When I came to America, I wanted the American dream. I worked and I worked hard to get to where I wanted to be. I don't think I was any different or better than anyone, I just feel I wanted it more than them. I was born in a hard working environment and that's why I was able to get my citizenship, open up my own gym and run my own business. Nothing will ever beat hard work. Ever.

Your life doesn't end when cancer begins

This is going to sound fake, but when I was diagnosed with breast cancer, I refused to wait on anything. I made my appointments as early as I can and jumped right into radiation treatment. While under treatment, I never missed a single day of work, a client or my own workouts. Never. I was not going to let this beat me or define me or who I am. I decided this when I was diagnosed and it hasn't changed since. You're strong. Don't think this can be your end because it will if you choose to think that way.

Have faith

If not for my faith in God and myself, I wouldn't possess half the strength I keep today. I knew God was in my corner the entire time and I knew I would get through it. If not faith in God, you must have faith in yourself. You must know you are worth your struggles or else why would you still be here? Alive and well?

This amazing survivor wanted to end on this note

"God won't give you anything that you can't handle." - Veronica Soto


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    Balance will be split into monthly payments over 5 months.
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